consulting & strategy services

i work with companies in a variety of ways on both a project or retainer basis – depending on what is right for your business and needs.

some ways i can assist your business:

  • part-time VP of marketing or digital marketing director:  if you are just getting started or not quite ready to invest in a CMO or VP, but need strategic guidance and leadership for your marketing or digital strategy, i might be your interim solution as you grow your business.
  • strategic marketing projects & marketing project management:  there may be a new market opportunity that needs investigation or perhaps a more straightforward overdue marketing task that you need help in scoping, managing and executing on.  this is where i can step in and lead these projects.
  • digital marketing audit: want a report of where you are today and where your biggest areas of opportunity are? this is a great way for us to get to know one another, for me to understand your business and for you to walk away with a sound digital marketing plan.
  • digital marketing projects:  if you are looking for strategic help or execution for  social media, email marketing, mobile marketing or your website — i can help!
  • content marketing:  a blank piece of paper (or a blank screen) doesn’t intimidate me.  whitepapers, case studies, webinar content, blog content, website copy or a new video are all fair game & i’ll work with you on prioritizing tactics, create the  content and provide strategic recommendations on placement and syndication of your content.